Let the carnival start!

Sant’Antonio Abate Fires is a ritual that Sardinian people celebrate between the 16th and the 17th of January and marks the official beginning of the Sardinian Carnival


Nevertheless the origin of Sant’Antonio fire ceremony is older than Carnival: the legend says that Sant’Antonio stole the fire from the hell in order to offer it to human beings in the time of the year when nature is hostile. (Click here to find out the origin of the legend)

Nowadays this rite marks the transition to the Carnival time that is full of folklore and references to the myth and to the rural past of the island.

Carnival in Sardinia is an evocative experience, a way to discover not only traditional masks, close to ancient rites, but also the mysterious roots of this island with this so ancient history.

Your private party in villa

Carnival celebration in Sardinia are not only popular festivals in the main squares of little towns but also you could arrange your private party in a villa.

Get Ready for your Carnival Party in Sardinia, we are waiting for you and your family to let you experience this magic moment of the sardinian winter without sacrificing your privacy and relax.

Carnevale Sardegna bambini